Aspen & Snowmass Real Estate and Vacation Rentals

Our realtors have lived in the Aspen area since the 70's and have seen the changes that have transformed Aspen and Snowmass into worldclass destination resorts and a home for over 7000 permanent residents who appreciate the lifestyle that many people only dream about. Along with the unparalleded beauty of the Elk Mountains, there are many cultural attractions in our "jewel of the rockies" and summer and winter activities for anyone in your family to enjoy.

Lightfoot Real Estate LLC services

Lightfoot Real Estate LLC is a full service company providing you with experience to find the right property for you and your family to purchase or rent. Our brokers consider education important to keep up with the current trends in the market.

The Lightfoot Group LLC

The Lightfoot Group LLC is our partner company offering a team of talented personnel necessary to meet the specific requirements of a remodeling project. Our project managers, designers, CAD experts and strategic partnerships with General Contractors, qualified subcontractors and international and local suppliers can make your dreamhome into a reality.